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Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Company Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of printing machine and related auxiliary equipment. We have developed and designed a variety of cutting-edge products, including our screen printing press, UV curing machine, drying equipment, automatic paper stacker, screen printing plate making machine, electronics printing equipment, and more. Our products are used for printing in many fields, and they have gained the favor of many customers in international markets.

  • Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
  • JB-720A/800A/1020A Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine This design can supervise the machine to position and fix the printing paper exactly and firmly, and enhance the printing accuracy and speed of printingwithout making too much noise. Therefore, our product designed on the basis of this stop and slewing can be widely used in the industries of film switch printing, soft circuit instrument panel and cell phone printing, advertising, packaging, logo and label making, textile printing and many other special printings...
  • Fully Automatic Roll To Roll Screen Printing Press
  • Fully Automatic Roll To Roll Screen Printing Press Fully automatic roll to roll screen printing press has functions of automatic feeding, fix-length pulling, and automatic winding. The two servo systems respectively ensure the printing precision and printing quality. It adopts combination type, offering convenience for attaching UV curing device and expanding printing realm.
    Fully automatic roll to roll screen printing press is applicable to the precise screen printing of rolling materials including PET, PVC, PC, BOPP plastic films, adhesive sticker...
  • Full Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
  • JB-1050A Full Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine The transmission system of this screen printer includes high quality stainless steel charging bench, adjustable vacuum absorber beneath the bench and tansmission inspector. The application of stainless steel for bench can remove the risk of static electricity caused by friction of bench and media. The absorber below can help to flatten the media without touching the printing side of media and make the transmission smooth. The electronic inspector can monitor the charging and discharging status...
  • 3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Press
  • 3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Press The working process of our panting press can be briefly introduced that when the task in done, the printer arm rises and discharger arm dives in the interval of printer arm and printing platform to absorb the printed media and pull out. Afterwards the media will be delivered to the drying tunnel light curing machine or paper receiver.
    This printing press is especially suitable for the printing of soft media such as paper. It is quite recommendable for user to apply our microcomputer screen printer ...
  • Vertical Screen Printing Machine
  • Vertical Screen Printing Machine Our vertical screen printing machine is specially designed for the printing media which is hard to deformation. It is widely used in plane medias printing such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, textile product, leather, etc. and electronics industry printing such as PCB board, soft PCB, PCB liquid photostencil emulsions and SMT mark.
    Our vertical screen printer features vertical mechanical structure. Its print head of our machine can go up and down along the rear bracket. We take use of variable frequency worm reducer motor to ensure the movement of print head smooth and rapid...